Mounted Hose Reel: Things You Should Know

by Julian D.

Hose reels come in different types and are produced by various brands. Mounted hose reels are the type that can be attached to a wall. This type is very effective because hanging it on the wall, will improve ease of access.

It can be mounted either parallel or perpendicular. It has many distinguishing features that make it very important.

This type of hose reel can be produced with different materials such as plastic and metal. They make pouring helpful and simple. The axle used to control this mounted hose reel are also made of quality material.

Attributes Of Mounted Hose Reel

1. It Conserves Water

The mounted hose reel saves water through a special technique. When you disconnect the hose from the tap, it will immediately connect to the drip device.

This makes it impossible for water to go out of the device during transportation or after watering.

2. It Is Flexible And Easy To Use

The mounted hose reel Is easy to use and flexible also. It can be tilted at an angle of 180°. This makes it impossible for the hose to kink during the watering process and after use, the hose can be folded to conserve space.

3. Easy Access

This type of hose reel that is hanged on the wall is easy to reach. It is very easy to connect the various available and nearby devices to it.

4. It Simplifies Work

The mounted hose reel makes the whole watering process simple. It ensures that there’s no grouch, no soiled hands, and no bending.

The hose which is 15 meters long Is ready to use and already in the appropriate length it is needed.

When you are through with watering, the hose is pulled up.

5. Power Coated Surface

The surface of the mounted hose reel is powder-coated to serve longer.

This feature is very important because the hose reel lasts longer.

6. It Can Be Mounted Both Parallel and Perpendicular

Mounted hose reels can be fixed either perpendicular and parallel to the wall.

The way it is mounted, either parallel or perpendicular would depend on the taste of the user and also on some environmental factors such as the location of the house or garage.

7. Sufficient Pressure

The mounted hose had a working pressure of 150psi and a burst pressure of 600psi. This pressure is adequate to ensure the effective working of the mounted hose reel.

 Working pressure Is the quantity of pressure the hose can operate with, while burst pressure is the maximum pressure before a hose will rupture.


The wall-mounted hose reel is such a unique device. Because of the fact that it is mounted on the wall, it has numerous advantages.

It packages the hose in such a nice way that leaves the environment clean and sparkling. It possesses many features that give it an edge over other types of garden hose reel. It also ensures that the safety of the user is guaranteed.

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