Tips for Choosing a Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

by Julian D.

Stomach sleeping is less popular and has a lot of drawbacks on the spine. However, some people find this position the most comfortable. You should note that stomach sleeping helps reduce sleep apnea and snoring symptoms. Unfortunately, this sleeping position can cause spine misalignment. That explains why sleep experts discourage it. It is advisable to use best pillow for stomach sleepers to alleviate such a problem.

There are different factors to consider when choosing a pillow for stomach sleepers. Some of the things include loft, moldability, shape, and size, all that affects the head and neck. Remember that you have your unique preferences and needs. As a result, you may find some material to be better than others.

The truth is that when looking for a pillow for stomach sleepers, you can be distracted by discounts, marketing claims, and promotions. You should focus on the most important aspects of the pillow that can make your purchase worthwhile. These are some of the things you ought to consider when choosing a pillow for stomach sleepers.


Loft refers to the height of the pillow. It is a critical factor for any stomach sleeper. That is because it provides support for the pillow offers. Nowadays, you can find pillows with high, medium, or low loft. Some allow you to adjust the loft as you need. It is advisable to get a medium loft pillow as it is most recommended for stomach sleepers. Ensure the loft supports the neck and head and keeps them at an angle.


You should note that the support offered by the pillow ensures your spine is properly aligned. Some of the things that impact the support of the pillow include its size, firmness, and loft. Remember that your shoulders, neck, and head ought to be properly supported. In this way, you can prevent pains and aches.

Firmness Level

Remember that pillows have varying levels of firmness. Other than the sleeping position, your personal preferences and body weight play a critical role in determining the appropriate firmness level. In fact, a stomach sleeper can benefit from a medium-firm pillow. Some of the materials used include memory foam and down, which are known to be soft. On the other hand, materials such as latex and buckwheat are a bit firmer.

Pressure Relief

Pillows that cradle the neck and head can easily relieve pressure. The fact that pressure on the spine and neck results in discomfort for the stomach sleepers, you should get the right pillow to alleviate pressure. Ergonomic support helps keep the neck, spine, and head aligned. There are also materials such as memory foam and latex.


Pillows can have square or rectangular shapes, but construction and materials determine how the pillows get to retain their shapes. For instance, materials such as down can compress easily and lose shape. Therefore, there is a need to look for a pillow for stomach sleepers that provides adequate support and comfort. Although memory foam compresses easily, it does return to the original shape when you wake up. Latex retains its shape and provides consistent support throughout the night.

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