3 Uses Of Minimalist Wall Art As Home Décor

by Julian D.

In the late 1950s, the minimalist style of art was born in the United States. This style of art was named so because it mainly focuses on basic elements. Minimalism was birthed as a reaction to abstract expressionism. This was a trendy art style in the 1950s, where pieces of art contained multiple meanings. Many artists at the time quickly adapted to it. By the mid-1960s, minimalism reached its peak. Minimalism is characterized by the use of repetition or the creation of several images. The images often feature the same shapes or forms. Whether it is a large minimalist painting or a small one, they are usually simple and focused on geometry and color. In this post, we look at minimalist wall art.

Use of minimalist paintings and wall art

Over the years, minimalism transitioned from a style of art to interior design or décor. In minimalist décor, space is one of the most important elements. Space interacts with objects and brings out the beauty of minimalism. Interior designers also create visual balance, declutter and use clean lines and flat surfaces to achieve the minimalist décor. In addition to the above, minimalist images and paintings are also applicable.

Minimalist homes usually do not have a lot of color or color combinations. Most of the time, bright color is also out of the question. As mentioned earlier, minimalist paintings focus on a single subject. This is one of the reasons that make them incredible pieces of wall art for a minimalist home. Minimalist paintings also have thin lines and neutral shades. This pairs well with the characteristics of minimalist décor.

Other reasons why minimalist paintings are great wall décor pieces include;

1. Simplicity is very trendy at the moment

Currently, simplicity is very trendy, especially in the interior design scene. More people are leaning towards simple décor, neutral colors, and simple furniture. Therefore, adding simple wall art could be the icing on the cake. This is the main reason why minimalist wall art is currently taking over from complex paintings.

2. Minimalist paintings are very accessible

As mentioned earlier, since the introduction of minimalism, many artists have become very fond of it. If you were to shop around an art store, whether online or offline, the chances are that you will bump into a couple of minimalist pieces. Minimalism as a style of art is accessible to all kinds of artists, including limited skills and training. For this reason, the market is packed with a wide range of minimalist wall art pieces. Most of them are also cheaper than their counterparts.

3. Minimalist wall art features high aesthetic value

These design concepts are old and familiar to all cultures. The style was initially built around the principle of aesthetic value. Therefore, with such wall art pieces, you can boast of high aesthetic value and modesty.


When most people choose wall art designs and pieces, the painting style art is the last thing on their minds. However, knowledge is power. It is always an advantage if you had some knowledge of art. You do not have to be trained in the area or an art whizz. You can conduct your research online before making a purchase.

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