Why Every Hose Needs A Wall Mounted Garden Hose Reel

by Julian D.

Right from the 1800s, there are records of hoses being used. Hoses have been traced back to Europe and Australia. However, soon enough came the hose reel.

The residents of the era might not have been familiar with the durable, decorative, aesthetic wall-mounted stainless steel garden hose reel. But they sure had a way to do things that worked for them.

They were also present when the towns started using town water supply in the late 19th century. The hoses available at that time were made of leather. This was usually fastened to metal pipes that were fixed to the ground.

Even though a lot of people do not know about that historical fact, many witnessed how rubber and canvas pipes slowly crept into our modern-day society.

The 1800s and 1900s saw great effects of kinking. They all watched as the canvas and rubber hoses that they had purchased broke down, split and burst with the sun making rotting the material rot.

Kinking: what is it?

Those who have or make use of hose and hose reels regularly are quite familiar with kinking even though they might not be familiar with the term.

The term kinking refers to a process when a hose bends along a 90° angle or sometimes on a straight line. This usually causes the weakest point of the hose to fold.

The effect of the weakest point on the hose folding is that the water slowly reduces in velocity and after a while comes to a stop, depending on how tightly folded the hose is.

Many will agree that this maddening process referred to as kinking always seems to occur at a time when you are in a hurry.

In some cases, you have to trace your step so that you can quickly find the kink, straighten the hose and quickly finish with the watering and head out.

Regular occurrences of this sort are usually because the hose has been looped or rolled up. It may also be regular If the hose is old and just like old people, wrinkles come with age.

What can help prevent kinking?

One good piece of advice that has helped many people is: keep the hose straight when you are not using it. If you find it a bit time-consuming, technology has made your day.

Just like the first time you saw a cell phone, a new car product, or any other product, there is always a first time to see or use anything.

A wall-mounted stainless steel garden hose reel is very affordable and has maintained its durability standard over time. It is also easy to crank and rewind your hose into the reel.

This product Is built to be efficient and reliable. It arranges the hose back in the reel without any kink. It saves you time and less effort.


History has shown that kinking has always been a problem. The difference is that with the aid of technology and new discoveries, there have been modifications in the hoses that are available.

There are also new innovations that can help prevent kinking in hoses. One of such innovations is the wall-mounted stainless steel garden hose reel. Easy to use, beautiful and affordable.

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