Here Are the 6 Essential Kitchen Areas You Must Clean Daily

by Julian D.
Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Sink

The kitchen is probably one of the commonly used spaces in a house. The house members need to use this space at least once a day to cook their food. To maintain cleanliness, here are the key kitchen spots that you must clean at regular intervals. 

1. The kitchen sink

If you’re a home cook or just the unfortunate soul who is assigned to clean up the dishes, a clean kitchen sink is something you’ll appreciate. Of course, the frequency of cleaning your kitchen sink still depends on your usage and the sink material. The general rule is this: wash your sink more than you already do. Clean it with water and soap first, before using a disinfectant. Clorox does just fine, but if you want to use more organic material, try white vinegar instead. 

2. Stovetop and counters

A stovetop and a counter is where you make your cup of coffee in the morning, or take a quick snack to boost up your energy. So why bother cleaning these areas every day when you’re just doing simple kitchen stuff? Wiping out counters and stovetops at least once a day is recommended (more so for people who cook their food). You might not notice some spills from your powdered food or spices. Thoroughly scrub these areas at least once a week.

3. The fridge

Thorough fridge cleaning is recommended for at least every three months. It’s an essential part of the quarterly routine if you want to avoid getting bad odors in your fridge. However, to avoid dirt buildup, you should wipe up accidental spills as soon as it happens. Daily cleaning is preferable because it prevents the contamination of food. Purge food items that went bad at least every week. 

4. The dining table

Whether you live alone or eat food with your family, cleaning the dining table is always a good idea. Cleaning the table, even if you just had a quick coffee, is recommended. Food crumbs and water soaks might leave smudges and nasty smells. The worst thing that could happen is when ants start to appear after. You can easily clean your dining table by using a damp cloth and wiping the table once.  

5. Your sponges

Did you know that your kitchen sponges are dirtier than your toilet bowl? According to a study done by the Faculty of Medical and Life Sciences in Furtwangen University, there are almost 400 kinds of bacteria that can be found in a single sponge alone. Fortunately, you can clean your sponge by soaking it with white vinegar, hot water, and salt. 

6. Take out the garbage

And last but not least, make sure to take the garbage out daily. Usually, it takes two to three days to fill up a trash bag. This estimate can be longer if you don’t trash organic wastes often. But to avoid attracting insects and getting bad smells, a regular schedule is preferred.

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