How to Tell If a Shower Head Is Metal or Plastic

by Julian D.

Who doesn’t love an amazing shower experience, especially after a long and stressful day?

Showers give us this therapeutic and refreshing feeling. The choice of shower head largely depends on personal preferences. If you’re shopping for shower heads online Australia, you must have decided the kind of shower head you want.

We have coverage and pressure shower heads. Coverage shower heads give us this rainfall feeling and it covers a wide area of our body, while pressure shower heads release water with so much force.

If you’re also shopping for shower heads online Australia, you should also consider the mounting system you want. We have ceiling and wall mounts. In the conventional system, coverage shower heads go with ceiling mounts, while pressure shower heads (especially overhead ones) go with wall mounts.

There are also handheld pieces that are functional, versatile, and comfortable.

Everyone loves the comfort and ease that comes with shopping with your phone. However, there are some challenges you may face when shopping for shower heads online Australia. One of the major challenges is differentiating between plastic and metal shower heads.

Most online stores sell plastic shower heads coated in some color that appears like metal. It is not advisable to use plastic heads because it doesn’t last. You won’t get value for your money.

Here are some ways to differentiate between plastic and metal shower heads, to save you the stress:

a.   Look at the Shower Hose

When you’re want to purchase a new metal shower or a replacement, the first feature to look out for is the shower hose. It’s always advisable to see if it’s metal (or stainless, if there are no other options) because they are very flexible, reliable, and durable.

Once you see a plastic shower hose, it’s a bad sign

b. Threaded Attachment material

This is one of the easiest features to locate on a shower head, and it is one feature you must look out for. What is this feature?

The threaded attachment (or connection) material is that part of the shower head that connects it to the shower arm. This is one feature that must be handled with care because it is often the first to wear off and increases the chances of cross threading.

Make sure it’s metal,

c. Shower head

Let’s be honest. The first two features are very easy to observe, but it’s quite hard to differentiate a metal or plastic shower head covering merely by looking at it.

The best thing to do is to do adequate research on the kind of product you want and ask questions before purchase day. You can choose from our amazing and trusted products.

There is no clear indicator of this.

d. Shower holder bracket

This is another hard to detect part of the shower head. But the first thing to consider is the Threaded Connection, which we have already discussed. If it’s plastic, other parts will likely be plastic.

Secondly, look at the pivot ball tightening ring, which helps to reduce or increase tension. It’s usually smooth all round if it’s metal. If it has ridges, it’s probably plastic.

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