Methods for Selecting the Right LED Panels for Your Event

by Julian D.

You need an LED visual appeal for your customers to enjoy that party or any other event therein. The visual stimulation is not that of an option for the modern-day events. Of course, it comes as a necessity, and that is why you need it. Since there are plenty of elements that come to the user’s mind when choosing the best production equipment for the next party, this blog post addresses some of the most important factors to weigh in on when choosing a proper LED panel. 

Venue / audience

In many cases, the rule of the thumb when it comes to optimal viewing is always the yard-to-millimeter ratio. For instance, the perfect or ideal place to view a wall that is 5mm is about 5 yards away.

 A smaller pixel pitch offers the right intimacy for a rather smaller venue. A larger venue will need a slightly larger pixel pitch.

The content of the party

The content or theme of the event refers to the element you are willing to provide your users with. Fonts are easily read more when they are clear and on that pixel pitch of warm colors as well as shapes. You may also go for a larger pixel pitch.  

How does your environment look?

The LED outdoor stage design may have to compensate for not just rain but wind.


Versatility is a crucial factor to look into when choosing a panel light for your event. Do you need ones that can help you achieve plenty of things at once-or one for single-use? Since it is a party and you may need diverse titles, it is important to look for optimal combos of a high pixel pitch coupled with a better IP rating.

Choice of software

Make sure that the software you use is highly compatible with the themes and titles you would like to use. That way, you can get excellent results with the party planning.

How accessible are the parts?

Think of the repairs that may need to be made in case you have to replace the LED panel lights before or after the event.

Are you in a position to fix the tiles, or will you use the fonts?

Think about safety

It is important to make sure that the tiles used are safety approved  

The grip of the LED panel lighting

How long will setting uptake? What of tearing down? Just how heavy are those tiles, and by any chance will you be flying or just need ground support?

It is highly recommended that you set the panels two days before your event. This gives you the allowance to see what might be corrected.  

Buy or rent?

This should be the last element to check on the list. Would you rather buy the LED panel lights for display or just rent out? A good place, to begin with, is considering the duration needed for the LED display.

How long will you be using it? If you need the devices for one month, then renting should be an ideal option. Buying would be ideal if you need it for over a month.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have taken into consideration the factors stated in this blog post; an event planner can help you coordinate every step. Consider hiring someone who can help you decide whether to purchase or rent LED displays.

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