Why Circular Bathroom Mirrors are Better

by Julian D.

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, the traditional ones are always rectangular in shape. But these days, people are going against the norms and getting circular bathroom mirrors for their homes.

Mirrors do not only serve the purpose of showing your reflection. They also add light to your room by reflection and it creates an illusion that you have a bigger bathroom space. You definitely would not want an ordinary square or rectangle as a bathroom mirror. Make your bathroom stand out by getting a circular bathroom mirror.

If you are looking for a bathroom mirror, you should consider getting a round one too. Not convinced? Here is a list of advantages that you can get with circular bathroom mirrors.

Promotes relaxation

Circular bathroom mirrors do not have sharp and rough edges. They just have beautiful and smooth circular finishes. The lack of harsh lines and angles gives a certain softness that you would like to be around when you want to relax.

Adds dimension

Installing circular bathroom mirrors adds dimension in your bathroom once you mount it on the wall. This immediately gives your bathroom an interesting look.

Adaptable fit

The thing about round mirrors is that they are a good fit anywhere you put it. Compared to square and rectangular mirrors that have to meet a certain measurement to fit well to the dimensions of your bathroom wall. When you redecorate or renovate, you can just easily move the circular bathroom mirror with no problems.

Better fit for mirrors above the sink

A circular bathroom mirror that is placed above the sink is a better fit because the roundness replicates the sink basin. This is better to look at than a square or rectangle mirror.

Contrast to square tiles

Most bathroom tiles have square shapes. If you have squares on your bathroom walls, a circular bathroom mirror will provide a nice contrast to the block tiles.

Shows off a great wall finish

If you have a good-looking bathroom wall, why get a full mirror or a large and wide one? It will just overshadow your wall. A circular bathroom mirror will expose more of the wall.

Make your bathroom selfies stand out

A circular bathroom mirror will also make a better bathroom selfie for you. Take a look at all the bathroom selfies on Instagram and you can see a majority of them being done in a full-length mirror and a square or rectangular one. The circular ones are those that immediately catch your attention in the grid. You can get the same effect when people scroll through their feed.

Good Feng Shui

The circle is a perfect shape in geometry and is always found in nature. The presence of a circle achieves harmony, softness, movement, and greater fluidness. It can provide balance and order. This is why round shapes are one of the leading principles in Feng Shui.

As you can see, round bathroom mirrors are trendy for a reason. When you go mirror shopping, try to forget the usual and be unique! Get a circular mirror!


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