Giraffe Wall-Mounted garden hose reel review

by Julian D. is currently offering incredible deals on most of its products. Go now to the official website to see some of the available discounts. The Giraffe stainless steel floor or wall-mounted garden hose reel is one of the products that are part of the promotion. Note that this is one of the most critically acclaimed wall-mount garden hose reels in the market. Some people have labeled it the best wall-mounted garden hose reel. In this except, we will be discussing why this is the case.

What makes the Giraffe Wall-Mounted garden hose reel one of the best hose reels?

GiraffeTools strives to provide gardeners with the highest quality gardening tools. The wall-mounted garden hose reel is among its best-selling products. Below are some elements why this is the case;

1. High quality

This wall-mount garden hose reel is made from industrial-grade stainless steel, making it one of the best durable hose reels in the market. The garden tool can withstand harsh climate and outdoor elements while maintaining its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Other than the stainless steel, its connections are all made of brass. This is one of the most durable alloys (more durable than aluminum). The high-quality feature also makes it the best option for heavy-duty gardening tasks.

2. No special maintenance

The Giraffe wall-mount garden hose reel does not require any special maintenance. This is because of the impressive qualities of the material used to make it. The stainless steel and brass components are resistant to corrosion and rust, minimizing the required level of maintenance.

3. Impeccable design

Another element that makes this GiraffeTool product one of the best products in its category is its impeccable design. The garden hose reel features an aesthetic design inspired by sports cars. The design was achieved through countless artistic experiments. Below are some individual design elements that make it an excellent product;

  • The crank- Its crank is an appropriately sized crank to allow for effortless application.
  • The handle- its handle features a sheath that allows for a firm grip
  • Internal wheel- the wheel is solid and large enough to accommodate a large garden hose
  • The guide hose- features a lockable guide hose that can keep the hose from unraveling at any point, depending on your needs. Additionally, the guide system is made of low-friction material, which keeps it from getting spoilt quickly.

Its design efficiency is also aesthetically pleasing due to its metallic style design that blends perfectly with any garden. In some instances, the product adds a decorative flair to your garden.

4. Capacity

This stainless steel garden hose reel can hold up to 130 feet of 5/8 or 200 feet of ½ inch diameter garden hoses. This is quite an incredible capacity compared to other similar products in the market.

5. Effortless usability

In addition to the incredible design elements, the product is also easy to use and highly efficient. Its design and components play a significant role here. For instance, it features a stable retraction feature that allows for comfortable and effortless retraction of the garden hose.

Final word

Note that this wall-mounted garden hose reel can also be applied as a floor-mount reel. This element sets it apart from most products in its category. It also makes it highly applicable in a wide range of situations.

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