The most common types of bathroom vanity units

by Julian D.
bathroom vanity units

A sink is an integral part of any bathroom. A bathroom would not be a bathroom without a sink. However, sinks take up a lot of space in the bathroom, especially since they leave a lot of space unutilized at the bottom. Initially, nothing could be done with this space. However, in recent years, interior designers have finally found a use for the extra space. Bathroom vanities are cabinets that are built under the sink (hence holding the sink) and are used as storage tools for items like toiletries in the bathroom. Different types of bathroom vanities are going to be tackled in this article.

  • A Free Standing bathroom vanity
bathroom vanity units

This type of bathroom vanity unit features a rectangular or square shape. The vanity also features a sink that is mounted onto a pedestal for support. The Free Standing bathroom vanity can be used to support up to two sinks. It is also featured in a variety of designs and different materials to suit the varying needs of homeowners. Vanities of this type are mostly made out of wood, but they can feature some elements of ceramic at the top.

  • A floating bathroom vanity
bathroom vanity units

Floating vanities also go by the name wall-mounted vanities. As the name suggests, this type of vanity is mounted directly onto the wall. The upside to this type of bathroom vanity is that it can be fitted in bathrooms with less space, and it also does not have to be directly connected to the floor of the bathroom hence aesthetically pleasing. However, when using this type of vanity, you have to be keen not to put too much force or pressure on it from the top because the pressure can cause it to break off from the wall. 

  • A Vessel bathroom vanity

This is one of the expensive types of bathroom vanities. It is often installed in restaurants or top-notch hotels. This type of vanity features a rinsing bowl in the place of the sink and a tap attached directly to the vanity. While very aesthetically pleasing, this type of vanity takes up a lot of space, and it is not cost-efficient.

  • Under mounted sink vanity
bathroom vanity units

This type of vanity features a built-in basin. While the integrated sink is attractive and efficient, it takes up the storage space within the cabinets and drawers of the vanity. 

Choosing the most suitable type of bathroom vanity

Below are some factors to consider when selecting the most appropriate kind of vanity to install in your vanity;

  • The space available in your bathroom
  • The cost of installing the vanity unit
  • The material used to make the vanity
  • The items to be stored in the vanity
  • Where the vanity will be installed (in your bathroom at home, in a restaurant bathroom or a hotel, etc.)


The most common materials for bathroom vanity units are wood, marble, laminate, particleboard, and plywood. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when deciding on the best material to opt for, you must look into the up and the downsides of each of them. 

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