Contemporary and Versatile Space Interior Design Feature Rounded Bathtub – Matsuki Residence

by Julian D.

Here are a contemporary and verstaile space interior design feature rounded bathtub, matsuki residence. A luxurious and elegance interior with wooden floor. Combine with some colorful decoration, like colorful wall paint and rugs. Comfortable furniture make this interior feels cozy for family living. These interior transformed into a versatile space, fun, comfortable and stylish private bedroom and bathroom. There is a special feature on bathroom. A beautiful romantic rounded bathtub. With gives a romantic atmosphere and relaxing place. Based on the growing family theme, the walls and space were created as a minimalist screen that each family member will leave his personal imprint. Windows frame the beautiful view, or can be covered if the family wants to enjoy a movie. A large modular sofa provides ample room for family and guests and can be reconfigured as needed. The room has an airy atmosphere, with only mobile elements crucial. An amazing bathroom was created with the help of the round architectural elements.

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